Baltic 1 og 2, Warnemünde, Germany

Project:   Baltic 1 and 2, Warnemunde, Germany 
Customer:     EnBW  
Time of execution:  


Description of the project:   Cable digging and ammunition salvage


Due to the construction of a new windmill park in the Baltic region, a new cable route was to be created to the shore east of Warnemunde. Our portion of the over 30 km long cable route was a 6000 meter stretch that went through a former spoil ground of diverse materials from Rostock Harbour, amongst these was old ammunition from World War II. Before the start-up, a survey was made to locate metal objects of various kinds. The actual excavating was performed with a hydraulic excavator where all the known points were put into the excavation GPS system of the ship. When we excavated an area with material and metals, it was then discharged through a sieve onboard the vessel and scoured by ammunition experts for quality control of grenades and ammunition and for further depositing.