Kårehamn, Sweden

Project: Kårehamn, Sweden
Customer: E.ON
Time of execution: 2015
Description of the project: 18.000 m³

After the construction of a new wind farm on the Eastern side of Oland, we proceeded to remove 18.000 m³ of rock material from the bottom of the ocean. The materials had been placed around the windmills to ensure that the installation vessel could safely stand during the construction period. In total there were 11 windmills and six rock pillows per windmill. We removed the rock pillows so that the original seabed was reestablished. The work was executed at a 10-25 m depth. We used our ship Elisabeth Høj with a Wirecrane for this project. Afterwards, all the rock pillows had to be visually filmed and documented as a quality control aspect of the job. The materials were then transported to Grankullavik and unloaded on land for further usage.