Skovshoved Harbour

Project: Skovshoved Harbour
Customer: Arkil A/S
Time of execution: 2015-2016
Description of the project: Pier construction, rock works, demolition, dredging 80.000 m³

Expansion of the marina in Skovshoved was a big and exciting project for us and included multiple tasks, involving demolition of existing quays and piers, excavation of rock materials and sand, and finally constructing the new piers.

In connection with the expansion of the harbour, one of the new piers had to cross over an existing sewerage pipeline. This pipeline was an old construction and could not handle the weight of the new pier, so new load bearing slabs of concrete had to be built to ensure ongoing stability.

This meant that we had to dig up along both sides, approximately 170 meters worth. Afterwards we final trimmed the bottom of the sea with the use of a diver who worked within a tolerance limit of +/- 3 cm. Lastly, we placed up to 18 ton of heavy concrete sides and concrete slabs over the existing pipeline.